Monday, August 27, 2007

Marquetry Patterns

For those that came here by a link on my website, this blog is replacing my News page. Others can find my home page by the link on the left. I hope to provide more content by moving that page here which I can update more easily and more often.

It is hard, if not impossible, to find marquetry patterns on the internet. There are a few available at a cost. This can be a hinderance to those just starting out. It seems most people are reluctant to share their patterns with others, I suspect, because they feel it is an infringement on their artistic license. To those that need a little help in getting started I have four pattern that can be downloaded for free. They do not contain a veneer-key so a little imagination is useful. All four are in one pdf file with a link on the left. Also, I've had some marquetarians inquire about veneer keys for some of the old marquetry patterns that are still circulating. These are used to decode the numbers on the pattern that correspond to the specie of wood used. Marquetry suppliers such as Art-Veneers Co. Ltd. and H. G. Wild Co. used this system to promote their veneers. Included with this is a list of common veneers used in marquetry and the effects acheived with their use. In all a very handy reference for those old patterns.